Why Marriage Matters – Conclusion

(Taken from “Twenty One Reasons why Marriage Matters,” by the National Marriage Coalition, found at www.marriage.org.au)

It is significant that it was God who identified Adam’s need in the garden: “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make him a helper suitable for him” (Gen.2:18). When God identified Adam’s need, He identified the solution as being something more than just a woman. It was a wife. Thus we can understand that mere cohabitation between a man and a woman is never a solution, whether it be for the couple themselves, or for any ensuing children. God’s pattern for the family is always marriage. Having a “wife by covenant” (Mal.2:14) is God’s pattern for almost every man. (A. McColl.)

Marriage is more than a private emotional relationship. It is also a social good. Not every person can or should marry. And not every child raised outside of marriage is damaged as a result. But communi­ties where good-enough marriages are common have better outcomes for children, women, and men than do communities suffering from high rates ofdivorce, unmarried child bearing, and high-conflict or violent marriages.

As policy makers concerned about social inequality and child well-being think about how to strengthen marriage, more funding is needed for re­search into both the causes of the marriage gap in child and social well-being and ways to close that gap. Solid research is pointing the way toward new family and community interventions to help strengthen marriage.

Ongoing, basic scientific re-search on marriage and marital dynamics contributes to the development of strategies and programs for helping to strengthen mar­riages and reduce unnecessary divorce.

Who benefits from marriage and why? How can we prevent both divorce and the damage from divorce? How can families, counsellors, communities, and public policy help at-risk and disadvantaged parents build healthy marriages? If marriage is not merely a private preference, but also a social good, concerned members of our society, as well as academics, need and deserve answers to ques­tions like these.

Marriage is more than a private emotional relationship. It is also a social good.
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