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Andrew McColl grew up on a farm in central-west NSW, and Sue McColl in the Blue Mountains of NSW. They both became Christians in the early seventies, and met when they attended Bible School in the Blue Mountains. They married in 1979, and that year some friends who were expanding their farming operations in south-west Western Australia, offered Andrew employment there.

In 1980 they returned to the Blue Mountains, and in 1981 Andrew commenced working at Mountains Christian Academy, where he worked till 1986. In 1987, they moved to Victoria, and subsequently to Toowoomba in Queensland, and in 1990 to Dubbo, in central-west NSW. Here, they began homeschooling
their 3 sons: Jonathan, Benjamin, and Philip.

Andrew commenced his B.A. studies at the University of New England, at Armidale in 1991, majoring in Australian History, whilst working full-time at a sheep abattoir at Dubbo. He subsequently completed a Diploma of Education at the same institution.

In 1998 he began working at Australian Christian Academy, in Brisbane. The Academy supplied curriculum and support for some 1,500 homeschooling families, using the ACE curriculum. As a homeschooler himself, Andrew identified with the challenges families around Australia were facing, and he and Sue appreciated the opportunity to meet them at various functions and opportunities.

Andrew was largely employed to assist parents with their educational challenges. As he and Sue over the years spent time speaking to families, they noticed that childrens' educational problems, were often related to deeper family issues. Real progress with a child's education, often entailed tackling significant personal issues, within families. This could include parental upbringing, background and worldview, personal discipline, and their understanding of their responsibilities as spouses and parents.

Because he was responsible to travel around Australia to conduct homeschooling seminars, Andrew soon developed material to help parents understand their roles and responsibilities. This material applied to any parents, not just homeschoolers, and seemed to be helpful to families, who (for
whatever reason) often lacked understanding of what their role as a spouse and a parent, really entailed.

In 2005 Andrew completed his Masters of Education, and resigned from the Academy, to pursue other employment. Andrew and Sue's son Benjamin married Erin Perkins in 2007, and they live in Melbourne, with their baby Judah, born in April, 2008. Jonathan is a painter, and Philip is presently
looking for a new job, after spending 4 years with Big W, a major retail outlet. They both live at home, and the family are part of a local housechurch.

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