Trump’s Presidency (2) – International Commentary (30)

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to Your name give glory because of Your lovingkindness, because of your truth. Why should the nations say, “Where, now, is their God?” But our God is in the heavens; He does whatever He pleases (Ps.115:1-3).

It is in the nature of humanists to believe in salvation by politics, but it’s a form of idolatry, and it never works. But that hasn’t stopped humanists coming back to the same old failed relic to give it another try.

The Germans thought they would go places with Hitler, but where did he take them? It ended up being a hellish ride.

Is greatness to do with character, or power? If nations are great, it doesn’t begin in the halls of power. It begins in the character of the grass-roots of the community. So anyone interested in the growth of the community can essentially ignore the halls of power.

I don’t think Trump will end up doing much good for the U.S., because greatness of character never came out of Washington.

What has come out of Washington? Lies, the ability to waste vast sums of money, sending people off to ill-considered, fruitless wars, and the abuse of power. Most Presidents in my life-time have been smooth talkers and political opportunists who made promises they never had any intention of keeping, for political gain.

Has anything changed? No.

Will anything change? I doubt it.

Trump was elected for a week, and he said we owed Hillary Clinton a debt of gratitude, and that Obama is a good man. Thanks for that piece of information Donald, but that wasn’t the language you were using before the U.S. voted. What’s changed?

I’ll tell you what’s changed. He got what he wanted.

Am I a born cynic?

No, I’ve become that way about politicians and the political process, because that’s the way they always seem to operate, and it ain’t gonna change. Senator Daniel P. Moynihan nailed it:

The single most exciting thing you encounter in government is competence, because it’s so rare.

The more we expect from Trump (or any political leader), the more we will be disillusioned. Our political leaders never seem to live up to our ideals, but what were we expecting? And if we were expecting much, why were we being so silly?

Why isn’t it going to change? People want freebies from government: education, health and welfare. Today, people really do think governments can provide those things through bureaucracies, so they vote for more of the same, and get the same old tired, third rate deliveries, for which they pay stupendously in taxes and government borrowings.

Do we ever make the connection between the quality or standards of those provisions, and who is providing them? We’re very slow to do so.

Why? We’re all at heart, religious people. And the religion that’s got us is that of government, and all it can do for you. So let’s all bow our knee at the altar of government!

Christian people ought to know that this is going to end in pain, and it cannot be that far off. It will end in pain, because no one has ever found a way to borrow money endlessly; there will be a day of reckoning.

In Trump’s case, it could be on his watch. If it’s then, he’ll be blamed electorally. But the voters really ought to take a Chill-Pill, go stand in front of the mirror, and remember who voted for him.

We will need this pain, in the same way that heroin addicts need to suffer withdrawal from their destructive habit. Painful yes, but necessary. We’ll need it to find out the hard way that governments aren’t like God. They make very bad providers, abuse their power, and they cannot fulfil their promises.

But the religion of government won’t give up easily, and we’ve all been well house-trained by the powers that be, so the escape hatches from our predicament will be ignored, till it’s too late.

But when the good ship of government has finally run aground, when its debts, futilities and broken promises finally catch up with it, and the communities of the world are finally disillusioned with government, that will be a good thing. That will be the first step towards the change we desperately need.


Anyone expecting a lot from Donald Trump, needs to stop and reassess their view of human nature. We really shouldn’t expect him to be much different to the average President.

Nations are never improved by change that’s imposed on them. Real and lasting change needs to begin and be embraced in the community. This is why the Gospel of Jesus Christ is so important, because He changes people from the inside out.

And isn’t that the change every person, family, community and nation of the world needs?




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