They Shall Become One : The Biblical Calling of the Husband and Wife

The Christian life is about duties and responsibilities. In the family, this relates to our duties towards one another, as a part of our service towards Jesus Christ. The Bible doesn't provide us with a specific "checklist," but this book covers thirteen of the Biblical tasks of husbands – including the Servant, the Leader, the Defender, the Provider, and much more.

How does context affect a wife's obligation to obey the scriptural command to submit to her husband? Andrew McColl's series on Wives shows us nine women in the Bible who managed to do the best by their husbands and children, in the tough circumstances of life that couples must face."

Andrew McColl’s Biblical insight of the “husband-helping wife” has brought strong and powerful changes to my marriage. This book has changed my perceptions concerning my everyday role as a wife. No longer a “have to” role of submission but an active role of support in working towards achieving goals as one." Maureen Earnshaw.
Maureen's husband is a chaplain for two state schools.

Pages: 104. Format: Paperback

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