The Importance Of The Dowry 5

“God’s law made it plain: girls should carefully examine the moral character of prospective bridegrooms.” 6 If a young woman in a church does not have godly parents, and she is considering a relationship with a young man, she would be wise to submit this to the elders of her church.Out of their responsibility for her, they could give consideration to this young man; his background, his godliness, and financial position, so that she is offered due protection from any unwise and ill-considered relationship.

This is of such significance, that they must like Job, be prepared to engage in a serious investigation of the issues, (Job 29:16) as men who will give an account (Heb.13:17). As representatives of Jesus Christ, they should assume the role of the protective father caring for his daughter, to prevent her being preyed upon or deceived by a charming, persuasive young man. This has happened too many times in church history.

The dowry mechanism is not a “silver bullet,” to guarantee marital stability or fidelity. But Adam’s first error in the Garden was clearly a sin of omission, in failing to protect his family, from a lying thief and murderer. (Jn.8:44) Thus godly fathers must seek to protect their sons from unwise and ill-considered relationships, and their daughters from fornicators and interlopers, intent on using and abusing.

Elders and deacons also have significant responsibility, in their oversight of the church. The requirement of the dowry, is thus an excellent, God endorsed restraint, firstly to challenge young men to be faithful, diligent long-term planners, “preparing their work in the field,” and secondly to protect young women. It sets the stage for the godly family of the future.

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