The Case for an Australian Militia (III)

I. Australia’s Defence- a brief history:

a) 1901-1941: our defensive links with Britain in 1941 were critically exposed by the Japanese.

b) 1951-today: the ANZUS relationship with the U.S.

c) If our defensive lynch-pin is another nation’s military strength, what if that nation can’t or won’t help us in a time of crisis?


II. Australia Must Plan Defensively Ten Years Ahead:                                           

a) We must begin now (110 years after Federation), to take responsibility for our defence.                                                              b) Not with a vastly expanded army, or hundreds of fighter planes, or nuclear powered aircraft carriers, or new submarines.


III. The Swiss Model: The Militia.                                                                         

a) What is a militia? A defence based primarily around civilians, not professional soldiers.

b) At 20, men (subject to physical requirements) must join the militia for at least 16 years, and do annual training. That would easily give Australia around 1.5-2 million available men, with another Reserve Force of 1.5 million trained, older men, aged 37- 60.

c) They have a uniform, a weapon, ammunition and training, and are on-call in the event of an invasion.

d) A well prepared militia is always very difficult to defeat in the event of invasion; fire-power is only one aspect of warfare. The fighters can easily melt back into the population. e.g.

(i) The British (the greatest power in the world in 1776) were largely defeated in the American War of Independence, by militia.

 The war was won by the militias. The militias did not deal in direct shoot-outs between massed formations. They shot the Redcoats down from a distance. It was hit-and run-warfare. It tied the Redcoats down in coastal cities. They dared not come inland.[1]

ii) In 1939 Switzerland was the only country in Europe with a militia. It had a common border with Germany, but it wasn’t invaded by Germany in WW II.  Russia had 303 divisions (4.8 million soldiers), and Hitler chose instead to invade it in 1941.

(iii) The Americans, easily the greatest military power in the world, were largely defeated in Vietnam by militia.

(iv) The U.S. in Afghanistan? Still fighting and being killed after 10 years, by militia.


a) In 1941-42, Australia’s defences were found to be critically exposed through an unwise dependence on British military power, and our poor preparation. We could have been overrun and defeated; we cannot risk this again.

b) Prudence dictates that we must independently plan our defence, ten years ahead, for a worst-case scenario: repelling a full-scale, determined invasion by a major power. To ignore the facts is to gamble with our future.

c) This necessitates the establishment of an Australian militia: To be forewarned is to be forearmed.



[1] North, G., “How the Revolutionaries won the American Revolution: a Politically Incorrect view with Applications for Today,” 3/12/2010.

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