The Bible and Welfare (13)

The vast majority of Americans have no understanding of the meaning of the unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare. Unlike the heroin addict and alcoholic, they are oblivious to the fact that the long-term economic consequences in their lives are unthinkable. So, we have an unsustainable deficit in Medicare and Medicaid, and it will lead to a politically unthinkable outcome. That is when most Americans will start thinking about it. It is when Congress will start experimenting in new ways to kick the can down the road and avoid both monetary inflation and rising interest rates on federal debt. Congress will pretend that there really are ways out. At that point, Congress will become the heroin addict or the alcoholic. Congress will know that the deficit is unsustainable, but members will do whatever they can to sustain it beyond the next election.[1]

It is of vital importance for Christians worldwide, to start thinking and planning ahead for such a crisis. Don’t expect our current leaders to do this for you, because it is completely out of their training, their area of expertise, and probably their limited and negative belief structures. We could easily have a crisis of Biblical proportions, requiring a truly Biblical solution from the church; from the grassroots.

Every society sows and reaps. When a pattern becomes “normal,” it becomes a routine to be followed by the next generation, which thinks, “This is what we’ve always done.” Well, that may or may not be true, but societies tend to think of their experience as being the important one, to be followed.

There is some level of charity in every country, but a Recession or Depression will test charities to the limit, especially if the public welfare system runs out of capacity to cope. This will bring a true crisis, for there are so many people today right throughout the West, who are dependent on welfare.

While the socialist governments always run out of resources, the love of Christ will not. Nothing can compete with voluntary, sacrificial, compassionate, relational love. We have no fear that this love will bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, and endure all things…

The Biblical approach to helping the poor never endorses the Marxist model of forced redistribution of wealth. Biblical charity is local, voluntary and relational (Deut.14:28-29). Jesus commended the good Samaritan who reached for his own wallet to help the stranded and wounded traveller (Luke 15:25-370. James commended the personal visitation of the poor in James 1:27. And the Apostle Paul required the family to be the first to care for the widowed mother and grandmother, and for her to only resort to the church if the family was unable to provide the care. He made no mention of the state.[2]

Let’s think for a moment, of America. Let’s suppose there are 27 million single mothers there. What happens if the public welfare payments for these women and their children, stop? What will the U. S. church say, concerning 60 -70 million people who don’t have any food?

This will mean that America, along with every western nation will really need Nehemiahs in every place to lead the way with godly welfare, building up the structures, taking responsibility, being prepared to lead a team of willing, voluntary workers, dealing with the problems and opposition, both internally and externally.

Are you ready for such a job? Get ready to be used of God.




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