Summary – The Godly Woman (XVI)

We have seen that it is part of a wife’s internal constitution, to want to help her husband. Even ungodly women (like Jezebel and Haman’s wife), in their fallen and perverse way, tried to do this. Every wife is structured by God this way, but through a misunderstanding of the nature of subjection, inhibition, or even intimidation, it won’t always happen. Some men (I regret to say) are afraid of their wife being forthright and confident in their expressions of service, as though this represents some form of threat to their leadership.

Fundamentalist churches have sometimes been afraid of assertive, confident females, as though they were merely manifesting feminism, and thus, humanism. This is unfortunate: it is a matter of the woman’s motivation. Abigail wasn’t a feminist; neither was Rebekah, or any of the women we have looked at. A confident woman with the capacity to take initiative, whilst in subjection to her husband’s lawful authority, will always be a great asset to her family, church and community. The critical attribute is, strength in submission to Christ.

All of the women described here had a number of desirable things in common:

1) They were trying to help their husband.

2) They had significant wisdom and insight into their husband’s situation.

3) Somehow, (perhaps it is a woman’s intuition!) they knew something about their husband’s responsibilities, that their husband had no knowledge of.

4) They were powerful, influencial women.

5) Their contribution was sometimes great: they were history makers.

Now, if only one of these womens’ stories were recorded in scripture, we could be forgiven for thinking, “Well, she was rather different, wasn’t she? But she’s not an example that people can follow today.” But God (through His Holy Spirit’s inspiration), has chosen to record the conversations and activities of all these couples, spaced over almost 2,000 years of Biblical history.

Why? I believe that He has gone to some pains, to show us how godly wives in history have behaved, and consequently, how they should behave today! What would have happened, for instance, if Abigail had not acted as she did?

No man that I know, wants to be married to a woman without an opinion-a contribution to make. Women are to be “husband-helpers,” but that doesn’t mean, they are to be a subservient mouse: they are to be women with initiative, forethought and great wisdom, coupled with propriety, in their service of God and their family. “Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future” (Prov.31:25).


Whoever said, “Oh well, I’m just a wife?” Why should you, as a godly wife today, be any different in your influence and legitimate power, to any of these glorious women? Speak to your husband about these issues, and refer them to him.

Then ask God to give you the grace to help your husband and family. They were not meant to be without your help, and by His grace, you can help them! “A wise woman builds her house…” (Prov.14:1).

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