Manoah’s Wife – The Godly Woman (IV)

Judges 13:21-24.
Having had a visitation from an angel, Manoah was dreadfully afraid: “We will surely die,” he said, “for we have seen God” (v.22).

His wife however, did not share this conviction. Now, the angel had visited her twice, and spoken to her about her future son. Yes, her husband was in a fearful panic, but she saw things differently. In fact, she was optimistic that the future would work out well for them, despite her husband’s fears.

Many years ago a friend of mine had subordinate pastoral responsibilities, in a good sized church in Australia. He was under the authority of the Senior Pastor, but this Senior Pastor had for some time been engaged in some activities, that my friend had serious reservations about. Yes, my friend was a man under authority; but he had a nagging suspicion, that something was wrong at The Top. One aspect of Biblical truth said, “submit to authority,” but another said, “You’d better get onto this.”

What was he to do, in this state of anguish, being torn between conflicting loyalties? Having been trained for many years by that Senior Pastor to be a submissive, obliging, deferent person, he couldn’t easily reconcile himself to anything else. In a state of great inner turmoil, my friend went on for months, then he made a momentous decision. He talked this over with his wife, a very perceptive woman (as many wives are).

She smelt a RAT. “You’re being used,” she said. “You’re being manipulated by that man. He’s taking advantage of you, and you’d better do something about this.”

My friend listened to his wife. He confronted the Senior Pastor, who admitted he had done wrong, and forced him to face the elders of the church, who later required his resignation.

Yes, women are to be submissive to their husbands, but this does not mean that they are unable to speak the truth to them. Why? Because no one on earth holds their authority unconditionally. Obedience to all human authorities must never be unconditional, otherwise we give people in authority the place of God.

Like my friend, Manoah had a wife who pointed out to him an aspect of the truth he hadn’t seen before, brought him back to reality, and did him good.

A true husband helper!

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