Improvements to the Website

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been making some website improvements. These have specifically been so that readers can read all the component essays under a title. Rather than just read one essay out of a series per week, you can now read the whole lot. I hope this helps.

You can find these by looking on the right side of the cfsc website, and clicking on “Download a Series.” These will be in four main groupings: Church and Personal Maturity, Government, Economics and Education.

Some of these will be three essays (such as “The Importance of the Church”), while some are eleven (such as “The Christian Vision of Government”). I am presently working on another series (“The Church and God’s Law,”) which could easily spin out to thirty parts.

The improvements are still a work in progress, with the help of my trusty website assistant, Neil Baulch. So, they will hopefully continue.

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Every blessing,                                                                                                                   Andrew McColl                                                                                                                       Brisbane, Australia

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