Fundamentals of Christian Resistance – X. Conclusion

Revolutions are dependent on good information. What is the scriptural information?

This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all (I Jn.1:5).

A social movement that wants to significantly change society, must have some core components:

1)       It has to believe in the real possibility of positive social change.

2)      It has to believe it has the specific tools to bring about that change: a unique doctrine of law. Men need to believe in their ability to understand this world, and by understanding its laws, change its features. They need a detailed program for social change, in other words.

3)      There is another feature of a successful program of social reconstruction which is usually present, and which is undeniably powerful:  the doctrine of predestination.[1] They have to have good reason to believe that history is on their side.

The Bible plainly teaches us, that God has given His people all of these necessary components for just and lasting social change, in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God promises liberation. So does Satan. One of them is lying. The most momentous intellectual decision that an individual or a civilization can make is this one: to decide which one is lying. The most momentous public decision a person or a civilization can make is to choose which army to join.

We do not prove our liberation simply by intellect; we prove it covenanting, by a public affirmation to come under the discipline of the Supreme Allied Commander, Jesus Christ, the Liberator. He is the true anchor. His chain to that personal anchor is our link to stability and eternal peace. His chain is His law. The reasons why it is Christ, and Christ alone, who is the true liberator of the earth are these:

1. All power has been delivered by God to His Son, Jesus Christ.
2. Christ calls men to freedom through ethical bondage to Him.
3. The road to liberation is a moral battlefield: the heart.
4. There is no permanent peace treaty between the commanders.
5. There is no possible peace treaty between the armies.
6. Cease-fires are not peace treaties.
7. The battle is between rival law systems.
8. There is no moral or legal neutrality.
9. God, the Creator, owns the earth.
10. God delegated this ownership to Adam.
11. Adam “sold his birthright” to Satan.
12.  Christ reclaimed it at Calvary.
13. Christ delegates ownership to His people.
14.  His people are to win back the earth through obedience.
15.  Modern Christians have been retreating from responsibility.
16. To get back in the battle for the earth, Christians must reaffirm the original covenant with God through Christ.

Why do we Need a Revolution?

i) The Bible is a structured covenant, promising blessing to those who obey, and cursing to those who disobey.
ii) We need Biblical law.
iii) Christianity must forcefully influence the Academy- the hearts and minds of men. The Bible must begin again to dominate in the academic realm, so that every area of academic discipline is submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
iv) Economics, eschatology, government, national defence and international relations must be dominated by clearly scriptural belief- theonomic postmillennialism.

Dominion religion…proclaims dominion by God’s covenant. It rests on faith in the continuing applicability of God’s law. Specifically, it rests on the Book of Deuteronomy, which sets forth God’s law, God’s sanctions, and the triumph of God’s people in history. Deuteronomy tells men to choose life. This does not mean life lived in the shadows of history or life lived in a pietistic ghetto, meaning life lived in fear of the enemies of God, who supposedly hold the keys to the ghetto’s door. It means a life of progressive dominion over the creation.[2]

Henceforth I learn, that to obey is best,
And love with fear the only God, to walk
As in His presence, ever to observe
His providence, and on Him sole depend,
Merciful over all His works, with good
Still overcoming evil, and by small
Accomplishing great things, by things deemed weak
Subverting worldly strong, and worldly wise
By simply meek; that suffering for Truth’s sake
Is fortitude to highest victory,
And to the faithful death the gate of life;
Taught this by His example whom I now
Acknowledge my Redeemer ever blest.

John Milton, Paradise Lost [12.561-73]

[1] North, G., “Unconditional Surrender,” 1995, p.361-2.

[2] North, G., “Inheritance and Dominion,” 1999, ch.70.

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