Fundamentals of Christian Resistance (VII) Parts E & F


It is one thing to have a defensive campaign, when believers are being attacked. But there is a theological issue here. The promised land for the children of Israel was not a defensive operation. They had to go and take the land from others; it was an offensive operation. This will mean some major changes in how believers think. There will be a time for believers to be on the offensive, too. Psalm 110 (a Psalm about Jesus Christ and His people), is a most militant Psalm.

[What is required is] a willingness of Christian leaders to commit themselves to several troublesome, high-profile, high pay-off, media-designed resistance tactics that will make it hot for a lot of overpaid bureaucrats. It is the responsibility of Christians to count the costs of resistance, and then, under God’s guidance, to force the opposition to count the costs. It is the responsibility of Christian leaders to make sure that the costs to the opposition are higher, compared to the expected pay-off, than the costs are to the church of Jesus Christ, compared to the expected pay-off. We are fighting for Christ’s kingdom. [1]

F. The Fund-Raising Letter or Email:

Some of the basic rules are these:

  1. Relatively small letterheads (upper left-hand corner)
  2. A full date (April 15, 2014): right-hand side
  3. A three-line “hook” under the letterhead, such as:

Will the government

shut down your

church school next term?

  1. Dear Friend:
  2. Short, indented paragraphs in the letter (with underlining)
  3. A close (In Christ, In His Name, etc.)

7. A signature

  1. A brief P. S. which calls for specific action.

The more outraged you can make the reader the more likely he is going to be to write a cheque. The more trouble you appear to be able to cause the bad guys, the readier he will be to “hire” you to fight this holy war. The more clearly he sees that you are fighting in the cause of Christ, the more ready a Christian is likely to be to send money. [2]

[1] “Tactics….,” p.170.

[2] “Tactics…,” p.188.

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