From Bad to Worse to Catastrophic? (VI)

Today in the United States, the Federal government (when the “on-budget” and “off-budget” amounts are put together) owes 222 trillion dollars. This grows at around 1 trillion each month.

What happens when the creditors stop lending?

In the United States, the baby–boom generation (born from 1945-1964) is beginning to retire. Let’s say that this group (which numbers 76 million) discover that the payments for their retirement which were supposedly “safe,” have been ransacked by a government running short of cash.

Almost 50 million Americans are on food-stamps. What happens when that many people (who generally don’t keep a lot of groceries in the house) who were planning to use their fortnightly Social Security payments for their grocery shopping, find that their payment hasn’t arrived?

What happens in a nation of 315 million people, when ALL of the government Social Security and medical payments stop going out, overnight? For an unprepared nation, the result will be catastrophic. Declaring that there might be a lot of angry people, would be an understatement.

None of this is out of the ball-park in the next decade, for the United States. You thought that Americans lived in “the land of the free and the home of the brave?” Well, you gained your definition of freedom from somewhere other than the Bible, and you have a tragic misunderstanding of how things are in the US. When around half of the nation is dependent on Social Security payments, it is no longer the land of the free, but the land of the dependent.

All this is ugly, and all this will probably have to happen. If there isn’t sufficient political will in a nation to address the real issues, you can only postpone a crisis temporarily. It will arrive.

The solutions?

Independence, godliness, responsibility, hard-work, personal saving, frugality, flexibility. These are the things that have characterized successful nations over the centuries. They will have to come back, front and centre.

What has to go?

Foolish expectations of what government can do, or that there are political solutions for personal problems. The government is not your savior. It never has been. It never will be. It cannot be a savior, and when it tries to be one, all these awful things come along to give us the nasty reminder.

Governments have been trying this Savior State routine since the Caesars, and it always finishes up the same. God sends His judgment, the whole thing falls in a heap, and we have to start again with the fundamentals of a godly society.

Christians everywhere, had best get themselves ready.

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