‘The Significance of the Godly Family’ Category

The Controversy over “Same-Sex” Marriage

Marriage began in the garden of Eden, after God had made Adam. God acknowledged that “it is not good for the man to… 0

Working with God

It is hard for you to kick against the goads (Acts 26:14). Every Christian when he enters the kingdom of God, should make… 0

The Importance Of The Dowry 5

“God’s law made it plain: girls should carefully examine the moral character of prospective bridegrooms.” 6 If a young woman in a church… 0

The Importance Of The Dowry 4

Isaac, when his father took him up on Mount Moriah, certainly trusted Abraham to deal rightfully with him. (Gen.22:1-10) Later, when the servant… 0

The Importance Of The Dowry 3

What really distinguished Jacob at this time, was his attitude towards Rachel, and the promises of God. Jacob was a long-term planner, who… 0

The Importance Of The Dowry 2

There was a covenantal reason for this economic obligation on the part of the bridegroom. The father of the prospective bride represented God… 0

The Importance Of The Dowry 1

Introduction: Rebellion against authority, along with the pressure for independence and individualism, have been marks of western culture for generations. As usual, this… 0

Preparing For Godly Dominion

Introduction: * God has a destiny for your life. (Jer.1: 4-5) * Destiny will require your discipline. * Discipline will lead to dominion… 0

Preparing For Your Inheritance

Introduction: Ps.47:1-4; I Pet.1:3-4. The words “heir,” “inherit” and “inheritance,” are used 308 times in scripture. The inheritance is thus, a significant Biblical… 0

Preparing For Our Destiny

Introduction: Gen.1:26-28: I. God has a Destiny for our Life: * Jer.1: 5 “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.”… 0

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