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Christianity and Crime IV

Introduction: Since the Fall, man’s nature has been evil. Only Jesus Christ can change a man’s nature. Original sin passed on genetically by… 0

The Great Christian Revolution Part2

Ron Paul was right. “Nothing good can come from the Federal Reserve,” he wrote in “End the Fed.”  He wrote, “it’s immoral, unconstitutional,… 0

Christianity and Banking VI.

Introduction: You shall not steal (Ex.20:15). You shall not covet… (Ex.20:17). These commandments prohibiting theft and covetousness makes it abundantly clear: the Bible… 0

The Thundering Scot

If Knox embarrassed [Calvin] in some minor ways, however, he was a brilliant success in many others. He landed in Scotland [after spending… 0

The Great Christian Revolution (VIII):Christianity and National Defence, Part V

V.  The Inheritance: The fifth point of a Biblical covenant is a program of inheritance: a lawful transition that mortal men need in… 0

The Great Christian Revolution (VIII) Christianity and National Defence:

IV. Judgments: The fourth part of a Biblical covenant, is a list of judgments that will be imposed by God, who blesses man… 0

The Great Christian Revolution (VIII), Part 3

Keep Within the Rules: The third point of a Biblical covenant, is that God provides a set of rules or laws man must… 0

The Great Christian Revolution (VIII), Part 2

God Establishes Legitimate Hierarchies: The second aspect of a Biblical covenant is that God establishes a hierarchy to enforce His authority on earth…. 0

The Great Christian Revolution (VIII), Part 1

Christianity and National Defence, Part I Introduction: One of Adam’s responsibilities in the garden was “to cultivate and keep it” (Gen.2:15). He was… 0

The Great Christian Revolution (VII), Part 6.

In Summary: 1. The goal of international relations is peace with God, not peace with Satan. 2. International relations must face the fact… 0

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