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Inherit the Earth (7)

A continuing theme in both the Old Testament and the New Testament is the danger of debt. The Bible is clear: the borrower… 0

Inherit the Earth (1)

Today, I begin a new multi-part series on Christian economics. It was not necessary that God fill the Promised Land with every conceivable… 0

Investing in Silver and Gold

Now Abram was very rich in livestock, in silver and in gold (Gen.13:2).                             Jesus Christ the same yesterday and today and forever (Heb.13:8)…. 0

Economics for Faithful Stewards: Why We Have Socialism

You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is… 0

Economics for Faithful Stewards: Time and Talents

Introduction: The Christian life requires that we understand that the world that God made, has been deliberately structured with limitations. There is no… 0

Economics for Faithful Stewards: Thou Shalt Not Steal – Ex 20:15

The foundations of all law are in essence religious and theological: they are questions of ultimacy and moral necessity. Law without faith is… 0

Basic Budgeting: The Practice of Tithing

Introduction: The Bible teaches us that everything belongs to God: “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world and all… 0

Basic Budgeting

Introduction: The Christian view of money and other assets, is that we are stewards of the Lord's resources.  We are responsible to the… 0

Basic Budgeting: Gas Conversions

Gas conversions for family cars in Australia generally cost between $3,200 and $3,500, depending on the make and model,1 and the cost charged… 0

Economics for Faithful Stewards – Money and Possessions

Mat.25:14-30:“For it is just like a man about to go on a journey, who called his own slaves and entrusted his possessions to… 0

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