Belshazzah's Wife: Dan.5

King Belshazzah is facing a political crisis.  Can his wife help him?

“If women do not fulfil their God-given calling, it leaves a void in the fibre of society which nothing else can fill.”  Ruth Prince.

Biblical "Husband-Helpers:"

7. Belshazzah's Wife: Dan.5

The contribution of Belshazzar's wife to her husband, was remarkable. When God's handwriting appeared on the wall, “the king's face grew pale and his thoughts alarmed him, and his hip joints went slack and his knees began knocking together …[he] was greatly alarmed, and his face grew even paler.” (v.6,9) Then she entered the banquet hall. She then gave him a detailed history lesson, explaining how Daniel had been of great assistance to his father, that he had been a man of “illumination, insight and wisdom,” (v.11) and concludes her message to her husband, by saying, “let Daniel now be summoned and he will declare the interpretation.” (v.12)

When Daniel comes, he is able to do, exactly what she had predicted. God gives him insight into the situation, and he is rewarded by the king. But the unsung hero, who few pay any attention to, was Belshazzar's wife, who recommended him in the first place. What a helper she had been to him!

8. Pilate's wife, (Mat.27:15-20):
Pilate's wife also, greatly contributes to her husband, warning him to “have nothing to do with that righteous Man; for last night I suffered greatly in a dream because of Him.” (v.19)
Pilate's lady sent him this warning, out of the love she had for him; she feared not a rebuke from him for meddling with that which belonged not to her; but, let him take it how he would, she would give him the caution. Note, it is an instance of true love to our friends and relations, to do what we can to keep them from sin, and the nearer any are to us, and the greater affection we have for them, the more solicitous we should be not to suffer sin to come or lie upon them.(1)

It is difficult to determine how much her message impacted her husband; suffice to say, that 5 verses later, he washed his hands of the responsibility for the execution of Jesus Christ, saying “I am innocent of this Man's blood.” At the very least, she had faithfully delivered her message to her husband.

We do not know if either of these women were believers. But the important thing about them, is that they knew they had a role to help, and as a result they were willing to speak their mind at a critical phase of their husband's life. And, (speaking as a man) this is what every godly wife must do, in order to fulfill her role as a “husband helper.” Will you?

1) Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Bible, 1721, Vol.V, p. 418.

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