The Beginnings of Christian Reform (2)

The Bible challenges us to “press on to maturity” (Heb.6:1). Maturity is not an easy thing, because it means leaving behind some child-like… 0

A Cost-Effective Strategy of Political Reform

Gary North – October 08, 2018 Everyone who understands the federal government wants to reform it. There are two huge problems. First, there… 0

The Beginnings of Christian Reform (1)

If it is true, as Berman believed,[1] that we are approaching the end of an era, then it is encumbent on Christians to… 0

Australian Commentary (59) Lessons in Educational Politics

The Wentworth by-election of October 20th gave Australians a lesson in educational politics. Why? Anyone familiar with the demographics of Wentworth (an inner… 0

Don’t Celebrate Reformation Day Until You Know These 10 Things

Bethany Blankleycom Contributor One man, Martin Luther, stood alone against an empire. His motivation was spiritual, but the outcome of his conviction was… 0

The Biblical Basis for Christian Optimism (8)

I think Christians should read the Book of Lamentations, at least once a year. Why? It tells us what happens to a nation… 0

The Real Quiver-full Family

By Dr. Joel McDurmon (, Aug 30, 2018 You have heard it said that “children are a heritage of the Lord” and “Blessed is… 0

Changed Men -Changed Nations

The Bible never asks us to change men: regeneration is the power reserved to God, and it surpasses change: it is a new… 0


19JUL2018  GARY DEMAR Bible showing The Revelation in distressed vintage style There is a long history of prophetic speculation. When I say a… 0

Eradicating the Wild Pigs from McGinnis’ Swamp

By Andrew McColl, October, 16th October, 2018 Parables have a long history in literature, going back certainly as far as Jotham’s parable in… 0

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