The Bible and Welfare (8)

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and test Me now in this,” says… 0

How the Government Lets the Elite Get Away With Murder

Gary North (, June 23, 2018 The justice system is rigged against the common man. It is rigged in favor of the elite…. 0

The Bible and Welfare (7)

If there is a poor man with you, one of your brothers, in any of your towns in your land which the Lord… 0

Greg L. Bahnsen on “Social Justice”

July 10, 2018 by Dr. Joel McDurmon Among the articles I have written that have received negative feedback is my argument that Biblical Christians ought to… 0

The Bible and Welfare (6)

The sluggard says, “There is a lion in the road! A lion is in the open square!” As the door turns on its… 0

Julian Assange and the Mindszenty Case

By Ray McGovern (, 21/6/2018 During World War II Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty was a huge critic of fascism and wound up in prison…. 0

The Bible and Welfare (5)

“Do you become a king because you are competing in cedar? Did not your father eat and drink and do justice and righteousness?… 0

Biblical Worldview: Order and Communication

By Dr. Joel McDurmon (, Jun 27, 2018 In the last section, we introduced a Biblical sanction for human works and business. We discussed… 0

The Bible and Welfare (4)

We know love by this, that He laid down His life for us; and we ought to lay down our lives for the… 0

Gary DeMar on Slavery, Abolitionism, and their Legacy

By Gary DeMar (, Jun 29, 2018 There has been a lot of discussion since we released Joel’s [McDurmon’s] book The Problem of Slavery in… 0

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