The Great Advantage of Smaller Government (4)

We live at a time when there is a disposition to think that the Government ought to do this and that and that… 0

The Great Advantage of Smaller Government (3)

Where must we begin, if we want smaller government? With the tithe of Christians being given to the church. Ministers cannot be expected… 0

The Great Advantage of Smaller Government (2)

When I select an appointed time, it is I who judge with equity (Ps.75:2). The notion of violent revolution should have no appeal… 0

The Great Advantage of Smaller Government (1)

What the wicked fears will come upon him, but the desire of the righteous will be granted (Prov.10:24). The twentieth century witnessed to… 0

The Bible and Economics (11)

                                                Conclusion Socialism is finished: it is destroying itself, and although the worst lies ahead, the certainty of socialism’s collapse is nonetheless inescapable,… 0

The Bible and Economics (10)

If churches had not defected with respect to the preaching of the gospel and the preaching of the covenant, the once Christian West… 0

The Bible and Economics (9)

                        Ownership Adam was required by God to operate in terms of… 0

The Bible and Economics (8)

                                           The Covenantal Witness This means that for covenant-keepers, something analogous to Eden operates. In Eden before the fall, Adam could not incur… 0

The Bible and Economics (7)

Scarcity and Ownership (2) When Moses led the people through the wilderness, God gave them a taste of Eden. He gave them manna… 0

The Bible and Economics (6)

                              Scarcity and Ownership (1) In the 1950’s and 1960’s, there was a television game show in America called “The Price Is Right.”… 0

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